an unexpected beach

This post was supposed to be about New York but then I went to a concert and it got hijacked and is kind of about New York and kind of about God and kind of about beauty. And now it’s been two weeks and I’ve left this post untouched because the amount of reading I […]

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impressions of baltimore

I knew two things about Baltimore before I went there on Sunday. The musical Hairspray is set in Baltimore, which means the city is on the list of places I would not have been allowed to go at 13, since I would have burst into an off-key rendition of “Good Morning, Baltimore,” to my later […]

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district of catastrophe

hello friends; I was tempted to delete the last post because obviously I didn’t… do it. I’m half sick of this blog being 100% apologies but I don’t want to delete it and start over so you’ll have to forgive me. (Does that count as an apology?) Last semester nearly killed me; long story short, […]

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somewhere else

On the first of August I am going somewhere else. I am getting on a plane and leaving this town, then I will leave the next town, and the next town, and the next town. I’ll be a moving target until September, at which point I will hopefully continue to be a moving target, but […]

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thoughts on home

I’ve spent the last week at home on Spring Break, hypothetically catching up sleep but actually staying up after midnight every night to catch up on reading. I finished my Flannery O’Connor short stories (after starting it in second semester senior year and slowly wading my way through it), started and finished some F. Scott Fitzgerald shorts, […]

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