an unexpected beach

This post was supposed to be about New York but then I went to a concert and it got hijacked and is kind of about New York and kind of about God and kind of about beauty. And now it’s been two weeks and I’ve left this post untouched because the amount of reading I […]

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the kind of person

This is me. This is me with a new haircut and glasses that I have to wear because I ran out of contacts and my contacts prescription is overdue. This is me looking a little like a female John Lennon. This is me taking a dumb selfie wearing lipstick I like. This post is me […]

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studying English

Alternate title: in defense of my “useless” degree. This post is actually in two parts and not funny or relatable or really anything like what I normally post on this blog (I’d like to say that means it isn’t boring and pretentious, but unfortunately that’s everything I write). A couple months ago, my mom sent me […]

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the art of the essay

I am fairly awful at blogging. This is the result of a few things, the first of which being that I really don’t have anything to say. This is a problem since the purpose of a blog is to provide a platform from which to say things. I struggled with this on my last blog, too; I […]

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