I wrote a blog post this morning about confidence and it was gross so I didn’t publish it. Since then I’ve had a fairly lazy day of being on my phone and watching youtube and now my thought process has been hijacked by a crisis about social media—and since none of my friends are responding […]

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the kind of person

This is me. This is me with a new haircut and glasses that I have to wear because I ran out of contacts and my contacts prescription is overdue. This is me looking a little like a female John Lennon. This is me taking a dumb selfie wearing lipstick I like. This post is me […]

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somewhere else

On the first of August I am going somewhere else. I am getting on a plane and leaving this town, then I will leave the next town, and the next town, and the next town. I’ll be a moving target until September, at which point I will hopefully continue to be a moving target, but […]

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