life lessons for the frosh

hello friends it’s AUGUST and that means a Return To School. Since I am now your friendly neighborhood Seasoned College Veteran, I wanted to give you all the life lessons I learned as a freshman/sophomore in college so whether you’re going off to college for the first time or are returning for your super senior year, you don’t make […]

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being catholic sucks

Bear with me. I go to a fairly small Catholic liberal arts college. I chose to go to a Catholic school because I wanted to get a foundation of my subject from the perspective of my faith before I went to grad school and had my worldview challenged (more than it already has been; let’s […]

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studying English

Alternate title: in defense of my “useless” degree. This post is actually in two parts and not funny or relatable or really anything like what I normally post on this blog (I’d like to say that means it isn’t boring and pretentious, but unfortunately that’s everything I write). A couple months ago, my mom sent me […]

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thoughts on home

I’ve spent the last week at home on Spring Break, hypothetically catching up sleep but actually staying up after midnight every night to catch up on reading. I finished my Flannery O’Connor short stories (after starting it in second semester senior year and slowly wading my way through it), started and finished some F. Scott Fitzgerald shorts, […]

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