internet angst: a primer

At around 10:37pm every night I get the overwhelming urge to tweet “LOVE STINKS,” and then I get over it and I don’t tweet that. I don’t know why it happens—I mean, I know why I feel like love stinks sometimes, but ‘love stinks’ isn’t the sentiment that dominates my life in any way, shape […]

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district of catastrophe

hello friends; I was tempted to delete the last post because obviously I didn’t… do it. I’m half sick of this blog being 100% apologies but I don’t want to delete it and start over so you’ll have to forgive me. (Does that count as an apology?) Last semester nearly killed me; long story short, […]

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In the end I just keep coming back to the idea that having a blog is really only an exercise in pretending to be more important than you actually are. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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the kind of person

This is me. This is me with a new haircut and glasses that I have to wear because I ran out of contacts and my contacts prescription is overdue. This is me looking a little like a female John Lennon. This is me taking a dumb selfie wearing lipstick I like. This post is me […]

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