I’m Hannah. I’m lingering at the outermost edge of being a teenager, halfway through my undergrad. I study literature at a tiny college in the absolute middle of nowhere (so don’t even bother trying to stalk me), but it’s the best middle of nowhere I could have asked for—and anyway, I’m only here for a little while before I go on to bigger and better things (fingers crossed). I have kind of overwhelming goals and, being a goal-oriented person, it’s easy for me to get swallowed up in where I’m trying to go and lose focus on where I am now. Hence this blog.

‘To Journey Toward’ comes from an Ernest Hemingway quote I discovered after a talk with one of my professors freshman year about appreciating life as it happens—scroll up, you’ll see it. I’ve kind of adopted it as the motto of my college career because if anyone needs to be reminded to slow down and be happy in the moment, it’s me.



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