disclaimer: I really like my internship

that being said

Important Things I Did Today in the Office

Spent 9 minutes making tea.

Pretended to be sympathetic about the most first worldly of first world problems I’ve ever heard in my entire actual life.

Watched a bird out the window for a prolonged period of time until it flew out of the courtyard.

Tried to take one of those stupid “in my bag” layout instagram photos but there was some mystery smudge grease over my phone camera so I could not.

Spun around in my spinny chair.

Surreptitiously walked past my boss’s office seventeen times until he was finally in and I could talk to him.

Number of times I have vowed to never permanently work in an office: 12
Number of times I have realized I’m doomed to work in an office because there are no jobs for people who want to be English professors: 23
Number of existential crises had: infinity

Found footage of my soul leaving my mortal body at approximately 2.39 pm


Actual email from LinkedIn that serves as a metaphor for my career prospects


In all seriousness, despite the office environment being Not My Thing, I am actually really having a good time at this internship, I feel super lucky to have it and I’m finding the stuff they have me do (when they give me stuff to do, which is spotty) really interesting. Things are going to pick up big time next week, which is nice because then I’ll have less free time to sit at my desk and take selfies in which I pretend to be dead for the amusement of my friends.


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