In the end I just keep coming back to the idea that having a blog is really only an exercise in pretending to be more important than you actually are. I’m not sure how I feel about that.


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  1. I disagree. I feel strongly that a blog is what you make it to be, and that a well-written blog is an expression of self. Therefore, a tasteful blog embodies creative expression, and must be defined as a form of art.

    Few things are as fascinating as art, as it is a reflection of humanity in all its imperfection. You know well that I love music, literature, and fine art. I truly enjoy and appreciate your blog, and not because it is a self-centered exercise in importance. If that were why I was here, I would not be bothered to even read; I would be cruising Instagram or Facebook.

    The fact that such reflective thoughts are present is a good thing, just like your blog. Today’s world is very self-centered (Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook etc.), but rest assured, blogging, and certainly your blog, are far from it.

    Thank you for your posts. I almost never comment, but I always read, and I always take good from your posts. This has been the case since Endeavors, and that has continued with this blog. I know that as long as you post, that will be the case.

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    1. You’re the best. Also thank you for making my night and for taking the time to write a comment that was longer than the post itself. xD

      I honestly like the idea of blogging because I like the idea of saying something and challenging thought and developing my voice but I a) feel like I have nothing really to write about and b) when I do come up with a post that I think is something interesting and important, I usually feel kind of frustrated with myself because it’s all pretentious garbage—look at how ~*~DeEp~*~ I am—or just fueled by an inflated sense of ego that seems to think my opinions are actually going to challenge or incite somebody else’s. I don’t know, but I do know I’ll never be able to give up on the idea of The Blog, at least in its abstract.


  2. For me it is because the idea of my blog is to make myself look more impressive and writerly to potential editors/employers/etc. But I think your blog is more a place to write personal essays on your thoughts on life. So at most your blog is an exercise in pretending to be more thoughtful and good at writing than you are. But your posts are usually very thoughtful and well-written. Pretty pretentious, but the good kind of pretentious because there’s substance behind it. I enjoy reading them at any rate, so I guess if it has a good effect on the readers, a blog is worth it.


  3. You could never pretend to be more important than you are because 1) you’re important in that you exist and are created daily & 2) worth dying for (#Jesuspwn). I am completely serious.
    You’re a good writer (albeit, a self-conscious one [but maybe //fashun helps with that a little?]). Fact is, not everyone has the ability to blog. You can blog AND blog well – so win-win. Don’t let the evil one steal your joy and make you feel “too important” because of a talent and opportunity to share said talent.

    Love you. Pray for me.


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