I wrote a blog post this morning about confidence and it was gross so I didn’t publish it. Since then I’ve had a fairly lazy day of being on my phone and watching youtube and now my thought process has been hijacked by a crisis about social media—and since none of my friends are responding […]

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an unexpected beach

This post was supposed to be about New York but then I went to a concert and it got hijacked and is kind of about New York and kind of about God and kind of about beauty. And now it’s been two weeks and I’ve left this post untouched because the amount of reading I […]

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separation date

At the office I drank out of a mug that someone had forgotten or intentionally left for communal use. It had a flowery design surrounding words in cursive: ‘If friends were flowers, I’d pick you.’ The surface sentiment was nice, but I always think how literally that means that if friends were flowers, I’d end your […]

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life lessons for the frosh

hello friends it’s AUGUST and that means a Return To School. Since I am now your friendly neighborhood Seasoned College Veteran, I wanted to give you all the life lessons I learned as a freshman/sophomore in college so whether you’re going off to college for the first time or are returning for your super senior year, you don’t make […]

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impressions of baltimore

I knew two things about Baltimore before I went there on Sunday. The musical Hairspray is set in Baltimore, which means the city is on the list of places I would not have been allowed to go at 13, since I would have burst into an off-key rendition of “Good Morning, Baltimore,” to my later […]

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being catholic sucks

Bear with me. I go to a fairly small Catholic liberal arts college. I chose to go to a Catholic school because I wanted to get a foundation of my subject from the perspective of my faith before I went to grad school and had my worldview challenged (more than it already has been; let’s […]

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